Pay by Money Transfer

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How to pay by money transfer?

A. Place your order using the above form.

  1. Once submitted you will receive an email with your Money Transfer instructions.
  2. If you do not receive it, check your junk folder.

B. Locate a branch close to your place:

Find A Western Union Agent Location

Find A Money Gram Agent Location

C. Go, make your payment and email us the following payment details at

  1. The reference number.
  2. The firstname and lastname of the sender.
  3. The address of the sender.
  4. The phone number of the sender.

D. As soon as we will collect your payment we will ship your order.

To make sure you receive our emails please add to the list of "safe" e-mail addresses; if you do not receive our emails search through your "junk mail" or "bulk mail" folders.